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Norway by Liz Atkin

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Norway by Liz Atkin

Going To Maggie’s For The First Time

by Aoife Mannix

I creep across the road
from the unblinking hospital windows.
My skin itches with CCTV anxiety.
The enemy lies within,
the car park is full of threat.

The bridge comes as a surprise.
Inside, warm light and space,
a kitchen where I can almost see
my mother making a cup of tea.

The most important architecture is kindness.
To build a place of refuge where the news
from the frontline of our DNA can be digested.
Inhaled, exhaled, the luxury of breathing.

Now our days glitter with the cracks in the walls,
we are in need of beauty like never before.

Support Maggie’s Oxford Carol Concert on Dec 8th.  Find out more here