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Snowdrops by Kerry Bradley

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Snowdrops by Kerry Bradley

Stage 4 Cancer Warrior

by Elaine Ormsby-Jarman


This poem has been chosen to feature as part of One Stage At A Time.

Come Join me in the Depths of Despair
On certain days you will find me there
But I’ll climb back up and be positive
At the end of the day I want to live
Come join me on the cancer ward
and never tell me you are bored
Life is for living, so the saying goes
The depth of despair is not mon repose
So laugh more and enjoy your life
For round the corner could be trouble and strife
This for me is life’s sweet lesson
Time is short, please stop messing

Elaine’s story – “I got breast cancer in 2010 and had chemo, mastectomy and radiation. In 2012 it had spread to my brain and since then I’ve had two brain surgeries, three lots of gamma knife treatment as the brain tumours kept coming back. I last had gamma knife in July of this year and currently have cancer in my cervical lymph nodes in my neck. It has been a hard slog but I love life and I think this positivity keeps me going. I do have down days, of course, but this has been a journey for me and at times I have described it as a gift. There has been lots of soul searching and I believe I am a better person for it.”