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Snowdrops by Kerry Bradley

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Snowdrops by Kerry Bradley

Sympathetic Magic

by Gordon Meade


This poem has been chosen to feature as part of One Stage At A Time.

The last time we lived here it was a couple
of tomato plants, which I never really cared for,
that obscured the view from our living-room

window. But now, it is a Busy Lizzie given to us
by our downstairs neighbour that, all on its own, has
almost obliterated the whole of the Firth of Forth.

I don’t seem to mind it so much as the tomato
plants of the past. In fact, I have become quite attached
to it as I am the one who makes sure that it is regularly

watered. I like to think that I am somehow
looking after it and that our well-being is, in some
strange way, intertwined. I would hate to see

it die, in the same way as I myself am not
yet ready to expire. Another jug of water, a few
more rays of sunshine, and all will be well.

Gordon Meade is a Scottish poet based in the East Neuk of Fife.